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Stories of the Galaxy V2

By Star Trek 3 May 2020



Volume 2 of “Stories of the Galaxy” is here! Below are stories from fellow Commanders around the Galaxy describing their own experiences. We want to thank all Commanders for submitting their stories.

“Im 52, disabled. I have been playing this sort of game for a long time, found this one at Christmas time. Built an alliance on server 36 turning strangers into family. They have been a huge source of kindness and caring as I’ve continued to struggle as I lose my ability to walk. Then corona hit. I was supposed to see a new back specialist but they called and canceled saying no new patients till after the virus thing is over they’ll call us don’t call them. So I’ve been stuck in a chair for weeks and this game is the main thing keeping my head off of pain. Such amazing good people I’ve met. Such screwy weirdos, I’ve witnessed. Thank you for building this game and i hope you continue to add things to make it better. If you really want to get alliances more focused…make an alliance station that the alliance has to build and protect and have new research that gives the whole alliance bonuses as our contributions to the alliance help build up the alliance station. Just an idea. Have fun!”

Submitted by Unknown from server 36

“I am a husband, carer, father, engineer and gamer at the moment I am working to help our NHS as a contractor when not at work I get time to blast some reds chat rubbish with the hordes on GC and catch up with my alliance mates on alliance chat. The game has given me a lifeline to feel like there is some glimmer of social interaction without masks and face protectors and scrubbing my hands constantly. Thanks and have fun. Also would love the devs to bring in a DS9 arc with cardasian and bajor and most importantly the defiant.”

Submitted by Unknown from server Unknown

“I work for a federal agency so I am always considered essential/mission-critical. Daily I do my duty regardless of the pandemic or other events because of what our mission is. We continue to provide for the security of our nation every day. I’m thankful to have given 16 years of service so far and will continue to happily do so. My only concern is that of my family. I know they are at a little higher risk because of what I do. I also know being stuck at home for extended periods of time is trying. I have taught both of my daughters to ride their bikes without training wheels and also have worked on their baseball batting skills. We are just trying to stay creative, engaged, and ever learning. We are singing, playing instruments, fitness, watching movies, and other avenues to stay sharp. I’ve been thankful to be able to play this game here and there to break up the time as well. Running a Kumari as my strongest ship…I just want an Enterprise!!!! 🙂 I wish everyone healthiness and happiness going forward. Have a great week!”

Submitted by ASTER8472 from server Unknown

“I am a firefighter both full time at my local airport and as a community retained firefighter. My wife and daughter both work for the NHS. My wife is working from home but my daughter cannot and has found it very stressful. My work, as you can imagine, has become more stressful and our roster has been turned upside down. I check my crew daily for body core temperatures and symptoms! As a family, we enjoy a walk together every day, regardless of the weather, we always eat dinner together and share our news. My daughter and I are both gamers and have enjoyed in game communities as a substitute for real contact, and we have a virtual “date” with family most nights. Currently, we are working through our James Bond 007 box set, to assuage our frustration at the new films delayed-release. We are lucky, as we have all stayed healthy and fully employed, we live in a beautiful rural area by the sea and can walk out into plenty of uncrowded space. We feel for all those who are not so lucky, especially the very old who must find this a terrifying time. To this end, we started a contact tree and each picked five names out of a hat of people in our community who need help, are scared, self-isolating or just lonely, and we phone and chat and check up on them once a week. A massive shout out to our NHS!👏 Stay home, stay safe, live long and prosper”

Submitted by Unknown from server Unknown