Stories of the Galaxy

By Star Trek 19 April 2020


Our first series of “Stories of the Galaxy” is here! Thank you to Kreeftly, from server 160 for sharing their story with us

“It’s a long and confusing story, so I hope you’re ready for a good one.

My girlfriend had been studying for 6 years in the city I lived in, and that’s where we met. But her family lived across the country. She told me she wanted to move back to her family so she could see them more often.

I had a lease on an apartment that I couldn’t prematurely cancel, so I had to wait for April 1st for it to end, but she didn’t want to wait that long, so she moved back to her family in January. Of course, we didn’t have the means to buy a house there yet, since neither of us had a new job in that city yet, so her brother, who bought a nice house just 2 years ago, said we could live with him for the time being.

My girlfriend got a job pretty quickly, but it was only a temporary job, so no chance of getting a mortgage, and my job wasn’t sufficient to get a high enough mortgage either, so we had to wait for her to get a permanent position.

Then the Coronavirus comes around the corner. I already resigned from my previous job, and terminated the lease on my apartment, so there was no going back.

My girlfriend and her brother could work from home, but since I work at a chemical plant, I have to go on-site. This means that I have a chance of getting corona.

My GF’s parents are very very protective and very very scared of the Coronavirus, as they are Chinese and ‘know’ how extremely bad it is (though it’s not that bad here in the Netherlands as it is in China, Italy or the USA).
So my GF, her brother and the rest of their family hadn’t left the house for over 3 weeks.

Then comes the moment I was supposed to move in there.
But I do have to leave the house for my job.
They came up with a plan that would let them stay isolated and I keep my new (current) job.

She and her brother now live with their parents, down the street, while I live in the house of my GF’s brother. Alone.

So for short:
I moved across the country, to live with my girlfriend again since she’s moved away in January already, but now because of the coronavirus, we can still not live together, even though she’s just down the street.
And seeing how I left my family, friends and former colleagues behind, I now only have STFC and my alliance friends to keep my company, while I sit alone in a big house that isn’t even mine.

I hope this stuff passes quickly..

– Kreeftly, server 160″