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Territory Capture – December Update

By Star Trek 18 December 2020


We want to thank all of you for taking part in Territory Capture this past month.

We are thrilled to see the level of enthusiasm and excitement around this new feature and appreciate all the feedback and suggestions surrounding it.

We are committed to supporting and evolving Territory Capture in future updates to improve your experience and to add additional opportunities (and rewards) for Alliances to compete for.

Some of our top priorities right now for Territory Capture are

Improving lag and server stability during takeovers:

  • We know this has been a big issue for many of our commanders, and a lot of work has already been done behind the scenes to improve the performance for it. Recently, we made some changes to the servers that should have had a positive impact on your experience and we are going to keep working on our back-end to improve it further in the weeks and months to come.
  • We’re also aware of the continuing lag problems during Takeovers with lots of combat. Symptoms include fights lasting 15-30 seconds or longer instead of the correct 5 seconds. This is also on our list of issues that we are looking into.

TC Improvements

  • We’re actively looking at the current system layouts, takeover times and scoring, with a focus on listening to player feedback and iterating where it makes sense.

Future TC updates

Additional services:

In the future, we’ll be looking to add new services to the territories’ rotation with additional benefits to Alliances who control those zones. Some examples may include:

  • Service that improves the Isogen refineries, making them cost less and output more, as well as an option for a larger batch.
  • Service that provides particles for TC research: Surax, Phantom, and Quantum.

Lastly, we have many other surprises in store for 2021 as well and we will endeavour to let you know how things are going as plans become realities.
On behalf of everyone on the Star Trek Fleet Command team, we are very thankful for your support of this game for 2 years now, and we are excited to continue to boldly go on this adventure with you!

Live Long and Prosper,

The STFC Team