The Battle Pass

By Star Trek 3 June 2020


With this new update, we’re bringing you a new, better and more exciting Battle Pass feature!

During the Borg Arc, we introduced new long form battle pass events with tons of exciting new content. We’ve had an amazing response to these events from the community, and due to their popularity and all the feedback we’ve received, we’ve added a brand new UI in the events tab so you can access all of your battle pass content in one place, make it easier to use, and to free up the event store. The Battle Pass will be available for major events, and you’ll be able to unlock Resources, materials, ship blueprints and much more!

Here’s a sneak preview of our new battle pass UI:

Here’s a short FAQ

Q. Where is the Battle Pass located?

A. When there’s an active Battle Pass event you can access the Battle Pass UI in the Events tab.

Q. How does the Battle Pass work?

A. Once a battle pass event has started, in the event tab you’ll be able to locate the Battle Pass UI. Once in the BattlePass screen, you will see the Free Battle pass rewards and the Elite Battle pass rewards, where rewards can be claimed directly. Battle Pass Points are awarded by scoring on events marked with the Battle Pass token in the event tab!

Q. Will I get rewards as a free player?

A. Yes, there are two types of rewards: one set for all players and one set for those players that have bought the Elite Battle Pass.

Q. Will I obtain both sets of rewards if I buy the Elite Battle Pass?

A. Yes, you can claim both sets of rewards.

Q. Will I need to purchase the premium unlock packs from the event store?

A. No, all Battle Pass rewards can be claimed directly from the Battle Pass UI.

Q. What are the points required to hit each Battle Pass milestone?

A. The Points required to hit each milestone for the Battle Pass are:

Milestone 1 – 5,000
Milestone 2 – 12,000
Milestone 3 – 21,000
Milestone 4 – 33,000
Milestone 5 – 48,000
Milestone 6 – 67,000
Milestone 7 – 93,000
Milestone 8 – 126,000
Milestone 9 – 169,000
Milestone 10 – 225,000

Q. I see Two Battle Passes, can I buy both?

A. No, once you buy one Battle Pass you won’t be able to buy the other one.