Update 46 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 6 September 2022


The latest update in Star Trek Fleet Command brings the galaxy back into the conflict with all eyes on the Cardassia-Bajor theater. A man defined by war and his quest for peace welcomes you to our newest chapter, Deep Space Nine.

Part one of the Deep Space Nine arc brings with it:

  • New co-op feature, the Alliance Starbase
  • New officer recruits: Benjamin Sisko, Kira Nerys and Miles O’Brien
  • New missions and stories following the story of Terok Nor
  • And much more

Check out the full patch notes below for all the details!

Alliance Starbase

M46 will introduce the Alliance Starbase, a new feature which allows Alliances to work together and build a massive space station to harvest a new material – Plasma

  • Alliance members must destroy Cardassian Stations, a new Armada target introduced in M46, in order to build and upgrade their Alliance Starbase.
  • Starbase Modules provide Alliance members with either a direct benefit, such as a combat buff, or an indirect benefit by enabling them to research nodes in the new Starbase Research Tree.
  • ASBs require Alliances to work together to coordinate where to relocate the ASB in order to optimize its ability to harvest plasma from Plasma Storms.

    For more information about Alliance Starbases check out our FAQ page here:

New Officers

DS9 Benjamin Sisko, now available as an Epic Officer:

Captain Maneuver: Persistence Is Key

  • Increase Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge by X% of total Health when fighting Armadas
  • Base: 400% / Small: 100% / Big: 500% 

Officer Ability: Defensive Measures

  • Increase critical hit chance against Armadas by X% every round
  • 3 / 4 / 6 / 8 / 12

DS9 Kira Nerys, now available as an Rare Officer:

Captain Maneuver: Tactical Infiltration

  • Reduce critical hit chance of cardassian armadas by X% every round
  • Base: 2% / Small: 1% / Big: 2%

Officer Ability: Know Your Enemy

  • Decrease Armor, Shield Deflection, and Dodge of Armadas by X% of Attack when you hit it with a weapon.
  • 10%/ 15%/ 20%/ 25%/ 30%

DS9 Miles O’Brien, now available as an Rare Officer:

Officer Ability: Luck Of The Irish

  • At the start of each round X% chance to double shots (Armadas only)
  • 30%/ 35%/ 40%/ 45%/ 50%

Below Deck Ability: Warp Core Tuning

  • Increase base Warp Speed by X%
  • 70%/ 80%/ 100%/ 120%/ 150%

New Refits

With conflict comes opportunity. As the Federation, the Klingons and the Romulan Star Empire continue to face off in ever-escalating battles across the quadrant, more and more vessels are left abandoned, broken, or ready to hijack.

Salvaged USS Enterprise

  • Increase all base mitigation stats by +200%.

Salvaged Augur

  • Increase all base mitigation stats by +200%.

Salvaged D4

  • Increase all base mitigation stats by +200%

New Projectile

Gold Cardassian Disruptor

  • Available only on the Star Trek Fleet Command Webstore
  • Increase all Critical Damage by 25%

New Auto Active Consumables

4 New auto active consumables

  • Increase damage against Fed/Rom/Klg hostiles (130%/400%/1100%) Invading 1 hr
  • Increase all mitigation stats when fighting Survey hostiles (60%/200%/600%) Invading 1 hr
  • Chance to fire an additional shot in PvP against Battleship/Interceptor/Explorers (35%) Defending 30min
  • Increase ship repair cost efficiencies by 5% (RSS reduction) Winning server 7d

New FED/KLG/ROM  Recruitment Bundles

New FED/KLG/ROM Recruitment bundles, with new odds and additional faction based officers that require a new elite recruit token.

  • Elite recruit tokens are earned through faction store credit redemptions
  • Costs 500 Elite Recruit tokens to pull (in officer store)
  • Updated odds: 10% Epic/ 40% Rare/ 50% Uncommon
  • 8 officer shards per pull.

Officers added to recruit pool:


  • Epics: Kang, Kras, HG Worf
  • Rares: Ba’el, Gowron, Martok, Kuron, Krell, Mara
  • Uncommons: Vixis, Yan’agh, Linkasa, Qa’ug, Klaa


  • Epics: Charvanek, Sela
  • Rare: Decius, Mirek
  • Uncommon: L’nar, D’jaoki, Severus


  • Epic: Marcus, TOS Kirk, TOS Spock, Pike
  • Rare: Harrison, Yuki, Zhou, TOS Scotty, TOS Sulu, TOS Mccoy, TOS Uhura, TOS Chekov, Moreau
  • Unc: Leslie, Hendorff

New Missions

  • 10 new core missions. Join the iconic crew of Deep Space Nine as they navigate the murky waters of the Faction War, and uncover a conspiracy years in the making.
  • 15 new side missions telling self-contained DS9 stories
  • Help the DS9 crew track down the Pakled thief who has hoodwinked Chief O’Brien and made off with essential ship parts.
  • Work with Major Kira to quel hostilities between the Cardassians and the Bajoran Resistance.
  • Join Miles O’Brien as he embarks on an epic adventure of espionage and piracy.
  • 5 new missions Introducing Alliance Starbases. Team up with an Independent captain and a scientist to learn more about the plasma storms which have been appearing all over the galaxy.

New Systems

19 new Bajor systems. 

  • Containing Cardassian stations. 
    • Defeat Cardassian stations to build and upgrade your Alliance Starbase

New Frames and Avatars 


  • Uncommon Cardassian Empire
  • Uncommon Bajoran Republic
  • Rare Benjamin Sisko
  • Rare Kira Nerys
  • Rare Miles O’Brien
  • Epic Terok Nor
  • Epic Wormhole
  • Epic Tear of the Prophet
  • Epic Infinite Incursion winning server Avatar 


  • Uncommon Deep Space Niners Frame
  • Uncommon Maquis Raider
  • Rare Bajoran Lightship
  • Rare The Breen
  • Epic Ark of the Prophets 
  • Epic Terok Nor

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where two Alliances could target the same Armada and both would lose directives
  • Fixed an issue where the Geody Actian System was not spawning hostiles at the correct rate
  • Fixed an issue where the Mantis Actian Buff would say 100% additional shots instead of +1
  • Fixed an issue where ships did not have their stats visibly adjusted when debuffed by the Mantis
  • Fixed an issue where art was missing from “The Calling” mission chain
  • Fixed an issue where some structure buff text was appearing as red instead of white
  • Fixed localization issues with the “Deposition” and “A Beam Too Far” missions
  • Fixed an issue where the “In the Name of Love” mission wasn’t providing rewards upon completion
  • Fixed an issue where a green flash would sometimes happen when switching between the reward and main hud screens


  • New button dedicated to hostile information in galaxy. System popups updated with hostiles information.
  • Updated the store view with bundles that have purchase limits.