Update 50.1 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 17 January 2023


Update 50.1 brought with it a handful of bug fixes and improvements to Star Trek Fleet Command. Check out the full patch notes below!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where the repair button would sometimes not appear for stations that were damaged
  • Fixed an issue where the description for the Command Center Refinery Dust was incorrect
  • Fixed an issue where the “Internal Shield Matrix” skill description incorrectly stated  “Increases Shield Deflection for Explorers” instead of the “Increases Shield for Explorers”
  • Fixed an issue a localization issue in the Commander Center refinery where the “D” in shard was sometimes cut off
  • Fixed an issue where the art would sometimes appear incorrectly when scanning a Borg Sphere
  • Fixed an issue where trying to close the description for Fleet Commander skills after unlocking them would sometimes not work
  • Fixed an issue where the “Be Not Afraid of Greatness” mission was not unlocking properly.


  • Made an improvement to the Japanese localization on the Commander Center to no longer cut off the description of the “Jellyfish Translink Disruptor” ability.