Update 51 Officer Buffs

By Star Trek 16 February 2023


It looks like the new Borg officers have been adapting and improving their skill set over the last two weeks and as a result, both Borg Queen and Borg Gossa are getting a little extra firepower to their below deck abilities:

Borg Queen

Below Deck Ability: The One Who is Many
– While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, Borg Queen increases the ship’s Armor Piercing, Shield Piercing and Accuracy
– Previous Values: 60%, 80%, 110%, 150%, 200%
– New Values: 150%, 200%, 300%, 400%, 500%

Borg Gossa

Below Deck Ability: Closer to Perfection
– While fighting a player ship with Assimilate, Gossa increases the ship’s Armor, Shield Deflection and Dodge by x% each round (Cumulative).
– Previous Values: 45%, 50%, 60%, 80%, 120%
– New Values: 125%, 150%, 175%, 225%, 300%   In addition, the following officers are now available for Transporter Patterns:MarinerRomSNW Pike