Update M52.1 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 21 March 2023


We have a few bug fixes and improvements that went live with the patch this morning. Take a look at the patch notes below for all the details!Bug Fixes Fixed an issue where in System View – Stations around planets can appear invisible or unshielded depending on zoom level

  • Fixed an issue where PIC Beverly Crusher’s Officer Ability description does not indicate that Critical damage is increased against PvE
  • Fixed an issue where in the Mission “The Stowaway” (Part 1) the mission hostile strength is too high for the recommended mission level
  • Fixed an issue with the Discovery where players were unable to Summon and Jump System (Resulting in a “Course Error” Popup)
  • Fixed an issue in the BattleLogwhere the SHP and HHP values on the battlelog overflow
  • Fixed an issue on the Refinery User Interface where Pips are not shown on tabs after timed bundles become available again
  • Fixed an issue where under Recruiting in the Officers tab the link is incorrect on the button to LEARN MORE about the Mission Key and displays 404 error on the Web Store
  • Fixed an issue where the ship name overlaps with the Ship level after tapping the ‘i’ button on the pre-scan view
  • Fixed an issue where the Back Button in Syndicate, Dailies, Chat window and various other areas of the game are inconsistently becoming greyed out and unresponsive
  • Fixed an issue where the Ex-Borg frame unable to load art when equipped
  • Fixed an issue where the bar below newly acquired blueprint ship icons doesn’t display an accurate representation of total unlocked blueprints to date for said ship Localization Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the Mess Hall Building upgrade screen has missing strings
  • Fixed an issue where PIC Picard Officer ability description is not totally clear as to the officer should be on an explorer or fighting against explorers