New Commander Academy

By rebekah 2 May 2024


Attention! Welcome to New Commander Academy. You are responsible for commanding a Starbase in the Alpha Quadrant. This academy will equip you with the knowledge to stand out and move further beyond. It consists of three parts, each offering unique and rewarding experiences for all.

1. Entrance Challenge (Operations 3-6):

Embark on your journey with the Entrance Challenge, where you will learn the basics of operations and exploration.

  • First Contact: Establish relations with new civilizations.
  • Three Factions: Navigate the complexities of the Federation, Klingons, and Romulans.
  • Find Your Ally: Forge alliances with other commanders.
  • Race to Level 6: Achieve mastery in your operations.

2. Second Challenge (Level 7-10):

Advance to the Second Challenge, where you will face more complex challenges that will test your tactical skills.

  • Landing Parties: Lead landing parties to explore new planets.
  • Uncover New Civilizations: Discover and interact with new civilizations.
  • Fill up your cargo bay: Secure high-value supplies.
  • Race to Level 10: Progress further in your command.

3. Final Challenge (Level 11-15):

Reach the pinnacle of the academy with the Final Challenge, where you will take on missions of great importance.

  • Boldly Go: Embark on bold missions into uncharted territories to safeguard the universe.
  • Ensign Missions: Lead your crew on missions of diplomacy and exploration.
  • Crystal, Ore, and Gas: Acquire vital resources.

Race to Level 15: Achieve a high level of command.

Earn valuable resources and unlock multiple beloved officers for free as you progress through the challenges. Upon completion, you will earn the legendary Epic Klingon Captain Gorkon!

“Ex astris, scientia” – “From the stars, knowledge.” Enlist in the New Commander Academy now and boldly go where no commander has gone before!


-The Star Trek Team