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Update 56 – Voyager Pt 3 Patch Notes

By Star Trek 4 July 2023


“A Borg Sphere is orbiting a Progenitor Installation in Dareb. From what we can tell, the Borg have yet to gain access.”

The Borg have been suspiciously quiet since their defeat over the Arcaelans, but the Voyager crew know that it is only a matter of time before the Queen’s newest machination reveals itself. They need to find out what she’s up to and put an end to it.

Just as their investigation begins, Voyager and the Commander are drawn into a decades-long conflict between the Coalition and Insurgence. With the Borg threat ever looming, the Voyager crew scrambles to find a diplomatic solution. They soon realize that things are more complex – and dangerous – than they first appeared.

Meanwhile, the Commander and Tuvok search for an ancient technology created by a people called the Pakik, who were stranded in the Delta Quadrant millennia ago. It could be a way home… or a weapon of mass destruction.

“We need to be very careful. Who knows what the Coalition or Insurgence might do if they got their hands on this technology.”

  • Voyager Pt 3 is here, and along with it:
  • A new activity, Q’s Trials
  • New Ship Enhancements – Forbidden Tech
  • New Officers
  • New Missions
  • And more

Q’s Trials and Forbidden Tech

Q is here, Commander, and he’s ready to throw his most fearsome challenges at you. Build the new Court of Q building and face Q’s Trials to unlock and upgrade powerful Forbidden Tech.
Forbidden Tech can be slotted in your ships to acquire significant buffs and meaningfully increase their power.

Voyager Part 3 includes 12 Trials of increasing difficulty and 15 unique pieces of Forbidden Tech. Log in to claim your first Tech and build the Court of Q!

Forbidden Tech is a brand new way to customize the many different ships in your fleet. Located next to the bridge officers, an unlockable slot will be available for all ships once they achieve tier 2. This is where you’ll be able to equip one of fifteen different Forbidden Tech items.

By collecting Forbidden Tech Fusion Rods, you’ll be able to unlock the Forbidden Tech capability on a ship. This technology was brought by Q and provides extremely powerful benefits when equipped to a ship. Starting with one enhancement, Forbidden Tech can be upgraded, and depending on the rarity of the item, can give up to 4 enhancements to the ship that it’s equipped to.

These enhancements range from massive bonuses when going against any target in the galaxy to increasing the combat effectiveness of your cloaking capabilities.

Q may bring with them chaos, but he also does provide incredible rewards to the worthy. Complete in Q’s Trials to prove your worth and gain access to this new technology.

To learn more about Q’s Trials and Forbidden Tech, check here!

New Officers

Chakotay, now available as an Epic Officer

Captain Manoeuvre: Visionary

  • Increases shots vs Armadas by X%
    • 40% base, 30% synergy with any VOY officer (regardless of class) = 100% increase with full synergy

Officer Ability: Maquis Strike

  • Increases Critical Hit Chance when you hit an Armada by Y% for 2 rounds
    • 8% / 12% / 16%/ 22% / 30%

Tuvok, now available as a Rare Officer

Officer Ability: Artifact Analysis

  • Increases Artifact Tokens from Formation Armadas by X%
    • 80% / 100% / 130%/ 160% / 200%

Below Deck Ability: Logical Logistics

  • Increases cargo capacity of the USS Voyager by Y%
    • 100% / 150% / 220%/ 300% / 400%

New Missions

There are 10 new missions continuing the Voyager story. Five new missions have been added to introduce you to the arrival of Q, alongside five new planetary missions in the Delta Quadrant. In addition, Strange New Worlds pt.3 missions are now available in the Holodeck.

New Research

Voyager Part 3 will launch 1 new Prime Node available for Commanders Ops 35+ and 3 new Nodes in the Ex-Borg Tree for Commanders Ops 41+:

Ex-Borg Tree:

  • 2 new Nodes greatly facilitating acquisition of Bajoran Reputation and Hostile Loot
  • 1 new Node enabling new refinery options for the Amalgam

Galaxy Tree:
Prime: Structure

  • Increases base Hull Health for all Ships by 400%
    • Level: 35+

New Battle Pass

An all-new Battle Pass featuring new officer shards, missions, cosmetics, resources, and more! Unlock tiers and content by participating in events throughout the month or purchasing the Premium Pass.

New Frames and Avatars

Avatars (7):

  • Uncommon Compression Phaser Rifle Avatar
  • Rare Tuvok Avatar
  • Rare Chakotay Avatar
  • Rare Silver Blood Janeway Avatar
  • Epic Q’s Trials (Building) Avatar
  • Epic Q Avatar
  • Epic Capt. Proton Pistol Avatar

Frames (4):

  • Uncommon Hirogen Ship Frame
  • Rare Pendari Champion Frame
  • Epic Q’s Trials Frame
  • Epic Forbidden Tech Frame

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where shield deflection values of Armadas/Ships are not having numeric symbols such as K (thousand) & M (millions).
  • Fixed an issue where when tapping between ships, the color of the ship bar text darkens
  • Fixed an issue where on PC, the player details menu is stacked in the chat screen when the player scrolls the chat list
  • Fixed an issue under Daily Goals where  Level 60 Hostiles did not get counted for the faction’s daily goals after being defeated
  • Fixed an issue where the pink hue behind the Fog of War effect is missing when the user sets windows Quality Settings to Low or on Android LD
  • Fixed an issue where there was a cut-off issue with ship ability string ‘Assimilator Data Cube Isolytic Vulnerability’
  • Fixed an issue where the push notification translations are not localized when a Formation Armada is created 
  • Fixed an issue where the hostile name was present next to the amount of Critical Isolytic damage dealt
  • Fixed an issue where Ship Ability information is missing for hostiles when found in token space
  • Fixed an issue where officers that boost mining speed do not affect anomaly nodes from the voyager loop
  • Fixed an issue where on the artifact “Blade of Tkon” the description was misleading when fighting against armadas
  • Fixed an issue where the pip fails to appear on the bundle in the Artifacts Store